Monthly Archives: April 2010

Izakaya Revolution

As I was watching TV a few days ago, a new izakaya concept was featured. The story was about an aspiring entrepreneur who had already succeeded in a number of businesses(He even owns a private jet!) His new business concept is an izakaya which serves house shouchu for free. Nomihodai—all-you-can-drink. Of course, they charge for other liquors such as beer and sake. Moreover, cigarettes are free. Many people gathered at the izakaya restaurant with close friends and looked so happy on TV. The show said the business was doing well and making a profit with a high turnover at an average price of 2,500 yen per person. I’m not quite sure that this business model will be sustainable but it definitely breaks the stereotype of a typical liquor-earning-profit mentality. This may be part of Chris Anderson’s FREE concept. What a give-and-take!