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Ferran Adria Takes Two-year Break from the Kitchen

According to The Daily Telegraph, worldly renowned chef, Ferran Adria, has announced that he was closing El Bulli at the end of 2011 and was thinking about what to do next. Also, he implied he may not come back to the kitchen for good. I was really surprised and it was sad to hear that. Visiting Spain to dine at El Bulli is one of my gastronomic dreams. I saw his demonstration at Tokyo Taste, the World Summit of Gastronomy in 2009. He said that he has gained great insights from Japanese cuisine. I hope he comes to Japan sometime again to show off his great work. The article also said that he may work on several culinary projects—including one at Harvard University, which once he had been invited and signed an agreement with the School of Engineering and Applied Sciences(!!!) His innovations were also taught at the business school. Degree in gastrochemistry?



O-sechi is a traditional Japanese food to celebrate the New Year’s holiday. It’s usually served in bento boxes with beautifully decorated ingredients. Often, the boxes are stacked in two to three high. O-sechi is prepared on New Year’s Eve and served during the New Year’s holiday. Basically, the ingredients are grilled or marinated well to keep them for long period. Therefore, people don’t have to cook and can relax during the holiday. Nowadays, people often buy luxurious o-sechi bento boxes at department stores or famous Japanese restaurants and never cook at home at all. According to Nikkei MJ, MAXIM’s de Paris Tokyo started selling o-sechi bento boxes with the price range of 19,000 to 84,000 yen(!!!), which originally were sold only to special customers. An abundance of caviar, truffles, and foie gras are decorated in the boxes and Japanese spiny lobster and Yamagata wagyu beef are also prepared gorgeously. I am thinking about serving it to my parents next year. Once is enough, I suppose..