Michelin Guide Tokyo 2010

The restaurant list of the Michelin Guide Tokyo 2010 was released to the press yesterday(The guide itself will be on the shelves this Friday.) Three-star was given to eleven restaurants over the last year’s nine restaurants. This exceeds Paris in numbers at this point, which has ten three-star restaurants. The 2010 edition gave one star to various kinds of Japanese cuisines, including shojin ryori, izakaya, kushiage, and yakitori. It’s just amazing! Also, I saw some of the same old names on the list. For example, Sukiyabashi Jiro has been a three-star and Sukiyabashi Jiro Roppongi was just awarded one star this year. You’ll even see three of Robuchons on the list. How many more stars do they need?

Here’s the list of the three-star restaurants:

Japanese: Esaki, Ishikawa, Kanda, Koju, Yukimura
Sushi: Sukiyabashi Jiro, Sushi Mizutani, Sushi Saito
French: Joel Robuchon, Quintessence, L’Osier

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