I stopped by an eel restaurant for lunch on a hot summer day because I read about Leonardo da Vinci’s The Last Supper. The article said one of the dishes being served on the table was an eel dish and that made me feel like going to a good eel restaurant.

Chikuyotei, a seventh-generation eel restaurant located in Ginza, gave an authentic look on the outside, and, of course, an elegant atmosphere inside. Though they were awarded one-star by Michelin Guide last year, they were not so crowded on my visit and I didn’t have to wait in line maybe because it was right before obon holiday week. I enjoyed an unagi-donburi(grilled eel over rice) and I felt my energy was restored by this traditional nutritious food. I will definitely come back to the restaurant someday and try shirayaki(grilled eel without sauce) with some sake next time.


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