Monthly Archives: April 2009

Flambé for Japanese Food

The term flambé is French for “flaming,” a cooking procedure that flames food with brandy, cognac, or rum. You’ll enjoy the spectacular visual fire presentation and the lingering liquor aroma on the food. I saw a TV show yesterday which applied flambé technique to various Japanese ingredients such as tonkatsu(pork cutlet.) Their experiments were so interesting that I saw great possibilities regarding this technique. A chef elegantly demonstrated his own creative recipes, flambé tempura and flambé kinako-topped daifuku-mochi! That was fantastic. Do you feel my heart beating, do you understand? Nikiri sauce in Japanese cooking is basically the same idea. How about a flambé with shochu or awamori? Don’t play with fire too much…


Swimming Salmon Generating Electricity in UK

As per Daily Telegraph on April 1st, The Environment Agency in the UK found salmon swimming upstream are able to generate enough electricity to power a typical family home in the UK. The project was built on Japanese technology that captures energy from people walking over pressure sensitive mats at train stations.—-April Fools. 

The Japanese technology actually exists, though…