Sarashina Horii(Soba)

I went to Sarashina Horii, a “Sarashina-style” soba noodle restaurant in the Azabujuban district in Tokyo at the end of December. They were pretty busy inside because of the “end of year” or “turning of the year” soba season. Japanese eat soba noodles a lot around this time of year, wishing for a “long” life like the soba noodle shape is. Sarashina Horii is one of the most authentic Edo-style soba restaurants in Tokyo. The family business started in 1789 because the founder, who was originally a textile merchant and was reputed for a good soba as a side business, was recommended to change his job to a soba chef by his feudal lord. The family has been passing down the same style of soba from generation to generation. You can see the family preserved authentic Sarashina style of cooking as well as the beautiful white noodles there. I’ll be writing about other major styles of soba, Yabu and Sunaba, sometime soon.


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