Danny Meyer—Setting the Table

I read Danny Meyer’s Setting the Table in Japanese. The translation was published in August of 2008. Danny was in Tokyo at the beginning of October and held a couple of speech sessions with his new book. Also, he hosted a special dinner at Union Square Tokyo at Tokyo Midtown, which is a branch restaurant of Union Square Café in NY. I wanted to go there but just ended up reading his book at home…I totally agreed with Danny Meyer’s hospitality concepts. We can apply “the virtuous cycle of enlightened hospitality” to the Japanese industry market, too. You have to care about the chain of your stakeholders such as employees, guests, community, suppliers, and investors to create a successful cycle. Moreover, I thought the book was quite useful for those who want to break into the NY restaurant market. More and more aspiring Japanese restaurateurs are looking for opportunities in New York. The book gives you a rough picture of the business environment in the city. You’ll learn through the book about locations, customers, media relations, and the community. Then, you may start thinking about how you will set up the table for sushi and place a bet on the roulette table of the restaurant business…


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