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Sukiyabashi Jiro Style Home-made Sushi

I saw a TV show called “The Professional” yesterday. The show is about professionals from various fields and it’s hosted by a famous brain scientist. This week’s episode was a fall “appetite” special, which was revisited by food professionals such as Jiro Ono of Sukiyabashi Jiro and Shuzo Kishida of Quintessence. They are both Michelin three-star chefs in Tokyo. Ono-san is the oldest and Kishida-san is the youngest in the world. I noticed the three-star kitchens were kept very well cleaned and shiny! Jiro Ono showed us a home-made sushi recipe, which was bara-zushi, a bowl of sushi rice with colorful ingredients arranged on it. It is often called chirashi-zushi and is commonly used at household events and home parties. Jiro said he created the recipe for one of his loyal customers. The dish looks so simple but the procedure from Jiro’s recipe is quite hard and time-consuming. You could probably do it but you wouldn’t want to try it again. The show asked him toward the end, “What is the most important thing for cooking?” “Just work as hard as you can.” He replied. It always sounds very simple but never easy. Only perfect practice makes perfect…

Check out NHK website for the episode and the recipe(in Japanese.)


The First Michelin Guide in China—Hong Kong and Macau

Michelin announced recently that they will release the first Michelin Guide Hong Kong and Macau in Chinese and English in December 2008. They will have covered 23 countries after Japan. I thought that Singapore would be the 23rd. I think I need to take the first step and go to Hong Kong. I hope the guide will have a few good Japanese restaurants…The French guide’s selection of Chinese cuisine also sounds interesting. Zai-jien!