The Mecca of Conveyor Belt Sushi—Kanazawa, Ishikawa Prefecture

50 years has passed since the first conveyer sushi bar opened in Osaka. A sushi stand owner came up with the idea from a beer manufacturing factory line in 1958. This invention has greatly contributed to our sushi culture and has made sushi more accessible to everyone. Ishikawa Prefecture, which is famous for its traditional style Japanese town, Kanazawa, as well as the birthplace of New York Yankees’ Hideki Matsui, is often called “the Mecca of Kaiten(conveyor belt) Sushi.” Two of the biggest manufacturers who have headquarters in Ishikawa supply the conveyor systems to almost all of the sushi bars throughout Japan. The system is also shipped overseas rotating around the world. People in the area are proud of the companies and have created a sushi consumer market there. You’ll see myriad of conveyor belt sushi bars in Kanazawa and see tons of entertaining food items such as melon or ice cream rotating pass in front of you. See you round!   



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