Acupunctured Fish

We love the freshest fish dishes such as sashimi and sushi. To this end, one aspiring entrepreneur devised a technique that can send fish to sleep and keep them fresh. I read about this in an industrial paper last week. The entrepreneur uses a “three-inch needle” to let the fish become in a state of suspended animation. It takes only a few seconds to “relax” them. The fish never die and keep breathing while they are delivered fresh to customers. The needling can work for the smallest fish to tuna. The entrepreneur came up with this idea when he saw the Chinese acupuncture technique on TV. He studied it himself through books and started to stick a needle into fish instead. More than 2,000 fish were needled before the technique was finally “mastered.” He won a business plan competition in his town and received 7,500,000 yen as seed money. He already acquired a patent for this and started licensing it not only in Japan but overseas. Fish sell at a higher price and purveyors love it, needles to say…


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