Aida got a Michelin star in Paris

 Michelin Guide France 2008 was released this month. I read an article that a Japanese chef owned restaurant received one star. Aida, it is a “small Japanese table in Paris” as the article says. Media in Japan also introduced the news to us. Koji Aida, who is 38, is from Niigata!!!, which is my hometown. Good job, Koji! We are very proud of you. Media also told us that the good-looking chef used to be regularly on a long-running famous TV show, “Waratte Iitomo”(Smile as you like) 20 years ago. After that, he moved to France and developed his career in the restaurant industry. He worked so hard in that foreign country and finally opened his own restaurant two years ago. I hope he’ll get another star next year.


Aida, your success is already written in the stars. I am here to tell you…


Aida  restaurant japonais



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