Niigata Sake-no-jin(Niigata Sake Fair)

Niigata, my hometown, has more than 95 sake breweries. It’s often called “The Realm of Sake” famous for its crisp and dry sake. People in Niigata drink 24.72 liter of Japanese sake per person in a year, which is ranked the highest sake consumption rate in Japan, while our national average is 11.55 liter per person. You know how Niigatan love sake…maybe because we get a lot of snow in winter and try to make ourselves warm…I hated my dad drinking everyday in my childhood, letting me serve his sake hot…..Anyway, the snow brings the nation’s best rice paddies, pristine water, and purified air during the sake production season.


I went to the 5th Niigata Sake-no-jin(Niigata Sake Fair) yesterday. It is usually a two-day event and 91 sake breweries attended this year. Admission was free but if you wanted to do tasting, you had to buy a cup for 1,000 yen and could try all the 500 bottles of 91 breweries. I don’t think I recommend it, though. Also, the Iron Chef, Rokusaburo Michiba, came to the convention hall to present his sake dish recipes to the audience. I bought a sake from Sado Island and tried it hot at home… 
















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